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February is a funny month.

You don't start it the way you do the previous month - no resolutions, no parties, no kisses at midnight. It follows what is usually a melancholy month too, so sometimes that sadness of no more parties or holidays is still hanging around. It's starting to get colder in Australia, everyone is working hard so friends start to drift a little and everyone is getting back to normal life.

I spent all of last year working full time. I didn't spend it working on my business in a conventional way. I went to events and workshops and classes as often as I possibly could. I went to markets, volunteered, helped friends, made friends and got settled in this new city (moved from Perth to Melbourne). In February, I started trying to 'work' on my own projects again.

Switching between working for someone else to working for myself has been really tough. I am so used to a routine of the same thing every week from my job, the same people and the same sort of thing every day. Running my business is anything but that. Every single day can and is different, and that has been a really big shock to my system. I feel like I haven't done anything this month - but I know I have - but that's just how February always seems to feel.


  • Website designed, created and launched!

  • First product in the shop (the Be Kind shirt)

  • Started filling out a sketchbook every day

  • Found a new life drawing class

  • Re-brand of K Gets Organised (my previous brand) to my new brand Kelsie White Designs

  • Did a workshop with Dodgy Paper and made my own paper out of books on plants and Golden Books.

  • Spending time with friends who have come to visit from Perth has made me feel motivated and re-energised

  • Did my first passion project (more information soon!).


  • Not as much studio time as I'd like - I always aim for 2 days a week and I'm not prioritising it.

  • I posted about 9 times to.instagram and my Facebook page hasn't been used in a long time. I'm frustrated with playing to their algorithms and working hard to start finding the spark in these platforms I once loved.

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